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InvestStation More Advantages

Enjoy longterm stable profits in a worldwide agribusiness by helping feed the growing world.

Participate in our one-level affiliate program and get a guarantee of stable passive income (For everyone 3%).

Detailed tariff plans provide getting guaranteed investment profits with minimal risk.

Our investment plans offer the best in class stable and longterm profits.

We offer the correct mix of optimally developed tariff plans.

Investment Plans

Nobody loses money at CoinExtender program. Enjoy real benefits and rewards on your accrue investing. Our wish, financial freedom for everyone.

After 30 Days (Principle Return : Yes)
After 90 Days (Principle Return : Yes)
After 180 Days (Principle Return : Yes)
After 180 Days Minimum : 30000 NRN


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Principle Return : Yes


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General Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of questions that our clients usually ask than us. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

Is there any limit in withdrawing my profit?

No, there is no limit in withdrawing profit, however your account balance should be over $5 and also you need to submit your request from 8:00am to 6:00pm Berline timezone.

If you have either 1 month plan or 3 months plan, your profit will be deposited to your account daily and you could send your withdrawal request, but in 6 months plan your profit will be directly deposited in your account monthly.

You could maximum have 2 active plans for a month, however in other plans there is no limit at all.

You could read the feedback and review of the users who have been working with us since we started our activities. All positive points and continueus trasactions are evidence on our 24/7 (24 hours /7days) online supports.